Here’s what authors, writers, speakers, trainers and coaches are saying about Lorraine:

Kathy says, “If you’re looking for an outstanding Christian author’s assistant to help you write your book, publish your book or market your book, look no further than Lorraine Castle. She provides it all: writing, editing, proofreading, marketing, publishing help and administrative support. Lorraine needs no supervision or guidance. Tell her what needs to be done, give her a deadline, and she’ll exceed your expectations every time. She’ll also brighten your day with her amazingly positive attitude. I highly recommend Lorraine Castle!” – Kathy Goughenour, Trainer and Coach – www.expertvatraining.com


NDJNaomi D. Jones of Consults Unlimited, Inc. says: “Lorraine is knowledgeable and easy to work with. She goes the extra mile to take care of her clients. She definitely has helped my business get organized and grow.”



Shawn says, “Lorraine Castle was the head of the P.E.N. Warriors, a writing team at our church. It was a blessing to sit under her leadership. She inspired and motivated me to become a better writer. If it were not for an assignment she gave, my work would not be published today. She led with meekness and integrity, and I am eternally grateful for her exemplary leadership.” Shawn Regina Jones is the author of a book of devotions “Pictures in Glass Frames”. Her website is http://shawnrjones.com/.

Sylvia  says, “A friend, a confidant, a sister in Christ! Nothing is perfect in this world, but if you seek a professional who seeks perfection in all she does, look to Lorraine. Lorraine has been known to me for many years and I have nothing but fond memories of her as president of the LYNX/Pen Warriors writing ministry at Bethany Baptist Church. She has the gift of a discerning Spirit with the warmth and work ethic you can be confident about. Her encouragement and Grace are phenomenal qualities you can trust…and trust is imperative!” Sylvia Sampson is a Poet and Spoken Word artist who created and distributed her first Spoken Word CD, “Freeze Frame” that consisted of her original material.

“Lorraine is a joy to work with. She catches on to the scope of the project quickly, pays attention to detail, makes regular updates and meets deadlines. All this and more with an uplifting, can-do attitude. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with Lorraine.” – Joyce Wright, Owner, http://www.accomplishmoretoday.com/index.shtml


Shonda_Brown“I hired Lorraine to assist with some research activities in support of my Doctoral Research. During my initial consultation Lorraine was very attentive and asked the right questions to ensure she understood the project scope. She completed the project on time and on target with her estimation and projected costs. The results she returned were well organized and completed with such high quality. I highly recommend Lorraine and look forward to working with her again.” – Shonda Brown, Project Manager

Janet_Thomson“Lorraine came highly recommended as a great researcher, so when I contacted her to assist with compiling a detailed contact list for an upcoming direct mail campaign, I was confident that she’d deliver.  The assignment involved gathering revenue data, employee statistics, contact information, and LinkedIn social media associates.  Lorraine delivered above and beyond my expectation by providing additional firms, including links to where she gathered the information, making it easy for me to cross check her work.  In addition, she prepared a detailed Excel spreadsheet incorporating this data, which gives me the ability to update information in the future.  She delivered my project on deadline and with professional customer service.”  – Janet Thomson, Freelance Writer

KWJ-1“I reached out to Castle Virtual Solutions to assist me to reach a wider audience and I was not disappointed. Through a variety of different options, our exposure is growing and expanding. Because of Lorraine’s wide reach and consistency, I continue to use her marketing efforts. Lorraine is professional and diligent. I look forward to continuing to use her services and invite you to do the same.” – Kevin Wayne Johnson, Author – http://writingforthelord.com/


Color HeadShot“Lorraine tells you at the onset that your book is your writing. She tells you that your words must tell your story. Lorraine is detailed, specific, clear, listens well, and understands what you are saying. When she gives a date and a time, it is kept. Her discernment is high. Trust her with your story, with your book. Confidentiality is highly regarded. Lorraine is a great editor and a wonderful teacher. Thank you Lorraine.” – Rosemary Worthy-Washington, Author – http://www.healedwithscars.com/

Headshot_FB“In addition to being an excellent writer, Lorraine is a great time manager. She has a penchant for holding you to task and keeping you on track with your projects. Her repertoire of skills makes her an ideal virtual assistant!” – Cynthia Jackson



HeadShotIf you want great service in publishing your book from the beginning to end, I recommend Lorraine Castle. She’s been a savior in my efforts to get my book published, “THE HOTEL BELLMAN” by Sherman Cain, Author on amazon.com



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