“Be Your Best Without the Stress! Be the director and actor in your movie, called My Life.”
― Katrina Radke

2012 Graduate of Speaker Services.com “Find & Land Speaking Gigs”

As a speaker, you know what you need to do to boost your speaking career. The challenge is finding the time to do everything. A virtual assistant for speakers can help resolve your dilemma by maximizing marketing and freeing up your time.

Listed below are some of the duties a virtual assistant can virtually remove from your plate. Click the blue Contact/Schedule Now icon below to schedule a free no-obligation one-hour session. So come with your questions and you’ll leave with solutions!

Social Media ManagementSocial Media

  • Integrate your branding into all of your social media sites
  • Produce blog posts and newsletters

Speaker Services

  • Research best-fit audiences
  • Pre-qualify potential speaking gigs
  • Inventory Speaker’s Source MaterialSpeakers
  • Get Permissions for Material Not Owned by the Speaker
  • Work with Speakers Bureaus
  • Work with Meeting Planners
  • Manage Speaker Contracts
  • Set Up Travel – airlines, hotels, ground transport
  • Coordinate the Physical Logistics of the Speech – meeting room set up, pre-event coordination, day of the event
  • Work with Technology – microphones, computers
  • Coordinate Videotaping and the Speaker’s Demo Video – videos and podcasts
  • Handle the Speaker Database of Clients and Prospects

Professional Services

  •  Eliminate repetitive time-consuming tasks
  • Create Multi-Media Presentations – PowerPoints, Webinars, Streaming Videos
  • Create Handouts
  • Coordinate the Speaker’s Web Site and Media Kit – Bios, images, press releases, testimonialsSpeakers_Mouse
  • Manage email campaigns
  • Manage the Speaker’s Calendar
  • Manage Industry Certifications
  • Create and Coordinate a Virtual Product Launch

Contact/Schedule Now icon to schedule a free no-obligation one-hour session.