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Here are some of my favorite sites. I visit these sites on a regular basis and they’ve helped me to resolve challenges as well as keep up with some of the latest technology. Since all of us should take some time to relax, I’ve combined business with pleasure with some of the fun sites for writers.

Writer Resources

Training Resources

Building Your Business

Fun Sites to Visit


Writer Resources – Poets & Writers. I absolutely love this site and their magazine.  The site and magazine are bursting with information on writing classes, literary magazines, and writing conferences. There are writer forums and a directory of fellow writers. One can visit this site and easily spend an hour browsing topics.
 – Faith Writers is a wonderful site for Christian writers. You can find writing challenges, writing critiques, writing courses, and forums on this site.  There’s also a monthly newsletter and an annual writer’s conference. – The cure for writer’s block. I’ve visited this site often just to get my creative juices flowing again. At last count, this site had 346 writing prompts. – American Psychological Association. Some editors and higher learning institutions require APA Style. This site provides APA style formatting. This site was a life saver for me because most of my professors insisted on the APA format. As a result my overall writing style improved immensely where the APA style is now second nature to me. – This site helps you to make sure that your citation or reference is in APA format.


Training Resources

Udemy Profile Course (3)





UDEMYLinkedIn Mastery: Creating an Awesome Profile

Create a profile that gets you more visibility on LinkedIn, while compelling the reader to want to know more.

Product Details

Upsells Unleashed

Actionable upsell tips and strategies – little tweaks to your sales funnel will allow you to increase your profits by 30%, 50% or even double your earnings.


Building Your Business

Run your own VA Business with Expert VA TrainingEarn what you’re worth! Train to be a VA today! – Excellent site for beginners or experts to learn or enhance their skills in software programs such as Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and many more. The best part about this site is that it is available 24/7. I found it extremely useful when attending a class for Adobe Photoshop. Even though I had an excellent instructor, the information at provided the missing elements. – Information on just about anything. If I don’t know how to approach or accomplish something, can steer me in the right direction. – This link contains information specifically for fine-tuning presentation skills. This site also has information on customer service and provides information on writing articles. – WordPress Tutorials that will assist in keeping your WordPress site up-to-date. – Convert your PDF file to Word or Excel.



Fun Sites to Visit – Rhyme Zone is a fun site for writers. As a poet using this site, I’ve found that one word that fits perfectly with the rest of my poem. This site can also be used as a thesaurus and dictionary. – This is another fun site with strategy for word games such as scrabble to access to encyclopedia information. A dictionary and thesaurus are on this site. Phrases can be translated and famous quotes can be found. A wealth of information can be found on this site. – I’ve been known to spend hours on this site. The challenge is to use the 10 random words provided and use all of them in a short story. It gets your creative juices flowing and it’s a great cure for writer’s block.


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NOTE: These are sites that I have visited and used. These are unsolicited recommendations that I’m offering to you because these sites have brought me so much pleasure. The fact that some of these sites may have an affiliation program that I have taken advantage of is purely coincidental and did not have an impact on my recommendation.