The Altar Will Alter You   Cover_FINAL5

by Lorraine M. Castle

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“The Altar Will Alter You” is a collection of poetic devotions describing this Christian’s walk with the Lord. With life there are good and bad days, good and bad times. What is consistent throughout is Lorraine’s faith that through her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, she is equipped to handle whatever situations come her way. Lorraine’s desire is to share some of her struggles with others who may have the same or similar struggles. Struggles are often found in the midst of victories. Experience taught Lorraine that keeping your eye on the Prize reduces or diverts the impact of struggles. Lorraine’s writing demonstrates that her faith in the Lord is the difference between failure and victory.

Praise Reports on “The Altar Will Alter You” –

“I tell you,” Jesus replied, “If they (the disciples) keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” – Luke 19:40
The Altar Will Alter You is a ministry of Triumph! Lorraine has clearly decided no Rock will speak on her behalf. Pen to pad her Pilgrimage is poetically documented for All the world to see. May you be Blessed as I have been blessed by her Praise.”

Sylvia Sampson, Poet, Spoken Word Artist and Author of Freeze Frame,” a Spoken Word CD.


“Lorraine Castle’s ‘The Altar Will Alter You’ is evidence of her genuine faith. Many people speak about their faith without any deeds. Lorraine’s faith is expressed in her poems and simultaneously followed with reflections giving evidence and proof of her poetic story.”

Rosemary Worthy-Washington, Author of “Exposed: I Will Not Be Ashamed,” President of Healed With Scars


“The Altar Will Alter You” will give you a look into the various phases of the author’s life, through her poetic devotion. It dissolves the myth that, once saved, your life is perfect and your troubles are over. Instead “The Altar Will Alter You” will have you walking away with the desire to alter how you perceive your situation and circumstance, and the decisions you choose to make.   It will give you the common sense to realize that life happens, and the faith to know and believe the impossible.

Karen U. Prather, Poet, Author, Choir Director


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