Castle Virtual Solutions Legal Marketing Package

 SILVER PLAN $500 Monthly Base**

Tasks to be Completed in the First 60-90 days  (not ongoing)

  • Interview Lawyer – to get info for booking speaking
  • Lawyers Bio
  • Create Speaking Package
  • Create Pre-Meeting Package
  • Fee Schedule
  • Create Attorney Meeting Folder

Ongoing Tasks

  • Schedule & attend weekly check-in meeting 
  • Research Places to Speak
  • Follow Up With Leads (up to 20)
  • Create Tracking

 GOLD PLAN $1,000 Monthly Base**

  • All Services From the Silver Plan PLUS
  • Create Email Newsletter Template
  • Get Lead Database Set Up
  • Import Leads Weekly Into Database
  • Send Weekly Email Newsletter
  • Create Follow-Up Campaigns For Leads

 PLATINUM PLAN $1,500 Monthly Base**

  • All Services From the Silver and Gold Plans PLUS
  • Send Monthly Newsletter via Mail
  • Create & Place Web Advertisements
  • Set Up Monthly Webinar for Lawyer to Host
  • Set Up Monthly Meet-Up Group for Lawyer to Host
  • Create & Place Other Advertising – i.e. community paper
  • Marketing Manager Responsibilities


$100 for each speaking engagement booked (goal is 3/month)

$50 for each appointment that is booked with a prospect and kept (goal is 10/month)

Contact Lorraine today so that she can help you fulfill your goals by implementing a New Law Business Model in place in your law practice.