Legal_MP900178564 (2)You are on your way to experiencing the joy of putting a New Law Business Model in place in your law practice so that you can:

  • Get your phone ringing on auto-pilot with clients you love to serve;
  • Engage nearly every prospect who calls your office and at higher fees than you have ever commanded before (because you are delivering a service your clients absolutely love);
  • Serve your clients with more depth, more love, more impact and turn them into raving fans while you do it;
  • Retain your clients for life and get paid again and again and again and again;
  • Work a reasonable schedule, spend more time with your loved ones, keep a whole lot more money in your bank account, take vacations and even sell your practice one day.

I am here to provide the guidance you need to build the practice you want.  And to help you transform your law practice into a well-rounded business so you can make the greatest impact in your clients’ lives, become totally fulfilled and love being a lawyer again.

I_Have_the_Missing_PieceThe New Law Business Model

The New Law Business Model builds on the premise that an attorney can build their practice by doing free presentations to groups of their target market in their local communities. Leads are generated from those presentations.

I can help you build your leads that will transition into lifetime clients by implementing the following proven processes:

  • Researching where your target market ‘hangs out’. As your Legal Marketing Specialist, I will consider and research the publications your target market reads, the websites they visit, the people they go to for help, the associations they participate in, and how to reach them there.
  • Connecting with event planners to identify speaking opportunities for you to get in front of new prospects interested in hearing what you can teach them about your specialty area. As a lawyer and business owner, you simply do not have time to do this on your own.
  • Identifying one key speaking topic that can be presented to organizations. You’re a veritable wealth of information! Selecting just one topic to speak on can be challenging. Through research I can help your identify a topic that will best serve the prospects you’ll be connecting with when you speak.
  • Creating and preparing documents to help you fully leverage the speaking opportunity. I can handle all the logistics and allow you to simply ‘suit up and show up’ at your speaking events. I can prepare documents, handouts, feedback sheets etc… to help you best leverage the event.
  • Following up to book appointments with prospects after a speaking engagement. We all know that follow up is where the money is made. I will follow-up with each and every lead from your speaking event and provide more information, answer questions, and book an appointment in your calendar once a prospect is fully qualified.

This is a very small sampling of ways that  support you with your business development activities.

You can find my conveniently priced fee schedule by following this link and you can contact me today so that I can help you fulfill your goals by implementing a New Law Business Model in your law practice.