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Social Media Marketing for Authors

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Social Media Logotype BackgroundIt’s never too soon to begin marketing your book. This holds true even if your book is still in the thought process. One of the preliminary steps in social marketing is to establish a relationship with your target audience. Social Media allows you to hang out in groups and on websites with your target audience while you’re establishing and cementing a relationship with them. Social Media equips you to convert a potential customer or follower into someone who will not only purchase your book, but will recommend your book to their friends and acquaintances. Maintaining a presence in Social Media requires approximately one hour each day. This timeframe can be shortened by scheduling your posts through Facebook, Buffer, or Hootsuite or other Social Media Marketing vehicles.

Facebook – Creating a Facebook Author’s Page is essential. It offers your followers a way to follow you and get to know you. Your Facebook Page should include information regarding your book, in addition to information relative to the topic of your book. The split should be 10% about your book and 90% information that interests your followers. For example, if your book is about cars, then you would want to carry information that a car enthusiast would find interesting. When posting, be sure to include links to where your book can be purchased. Note that posts that include images or video attract more traffic.

Joining Facebook Groups AND participating will increase your visibility and exposure. Ask a question on a group page while inviting the reader to visit your page and if they are interested, they can like your page. Thank each individual who likes your page inviting them to offer comments and feedback on your page.

Guest Blog Posts – If you don’t have your own blog page (or even if you have a blog), guest blogging is an excellent way to increase your social media exposure. Again, you want to guest blog on sites where your target audience resides. Find blog sites that you enjoy, build a relationship with the blog owner by commenting on some of their blog posts, then ask if they would consider allowing you to post to their site as a guest blogger.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn has 300 million users that are waiting for your status updates. Exposure on LinkedIn can be enhanced by following these steps. LinkedIn status updates should be posted at least twice a day, 5 days a week. Engage with your connections by commenting and sharing their posts. Communicate directly with your connections on a regular basis – at least 3 or 4 times a week. Be sure to congratulate your connections for promotions or on their birthdays. Joining LinkedIn Groups AND participating will also increase engagement and exposure.

Twitter – The busiest days and times for Twitter posts is Thursday and Friday between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. Therefore, it makes sense to post your most important Tweets within that timeframe. Tweeting 2 or 3 times a day is appropriate. As with other Social Media, follow individuals and groups that your target audience follows. In conjunction with the 140-character limit, images, audio, and video can be shared on Twitter.

Pinterest – Pinterest is often considered the new kid on the block for Social Media. Pinterest followers convert to sales three times more than Facebook users. Pinterest Pins are shared more often than Facebook posts or Twitter Tweets. Pinterest allows you to create boards to post your pins. As with other Social Media platforms, you want to hang out where your target audience hangs out.

Instagram – According to Social Media Examiner, Instagram 15 times more engagement than Facebook or Twitter. Instagram is 100% visual. The pictures you share should be reflective of what your followers would find on your other Social Media platforms. Consistency is key. Going back to the example of car enthusiasts, you wouldn’t want to post pictures of flowers unless those flowers were positioned next to a sleek car.

YouTube – A YouTube book trailer will bring your book to life. Imagine a video clip beginning with the roaring engine of one of the cars featured in your book. There would be a short narrative of what the reader would find in your book. According to statistics, there are 1 billion YouTube users. Can you imagine them viewing your book trailer and then rushing out to buy or download your book?

Hashtags – Hashtags will pull all of your social media themes together under one topic or heading. For example, #cars, #ilovecars, etc. Take advantage of popular hashtags that have a proven track record for your brand or topic. For example the top hashtag on Instagram is #love.

Social Media Marketing for Authors or any other profession can be time-consuming. You will notice that the common thread with Social Media Management is consistency. Establishing a plan is important to ensure that all areas – or most areas – are covered. It’s not necessary to engage on all platforms. Consistency is important so that your followers know where to find you. Engaging with your followers gives your followers an opportunity to get to know you beyond the pages of your books. In doing so, they will be your cheering section when your next book is published. Social Media Management is here to stay. If you’re not in a position to manage your social media platform, then you will want to consider hiring someone who will manage your platforms and increase your visibility in areas where your target audience resides.

Written by Lorraine Castle ©2015

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