Day 59

October 21st, 2014

Harvest“Faith and action produces movement in the Kingdom.” Bishop David G. Evans. What a revelation! “Faith without works is dead.” James 2:14. It does no good to have faith that an event will occur. You have to work that faith and participate in the process. That makes absolute sense. I know that I like it when “things” are given to me freely with little effort on my part. But I also know that I value things, events, etc. so much more when I’ve participated in the process. There has to be a cost associated with it. If I plant seeds and I allow nature to take its course, I will have a harvest. The harvest may be small. The harvest may be interspersed with weeds. But I will have a harvest. However, if I take those same seeds and take care concerning where and how the seeds are planted, the end result will be more prosperous. If I take the time to carefully select where the seeds will be planted. If I take the time to research whether the harvest prefers sunlight are shade, or something in between. If I prepare the soil. Then my harvest will be larger and more bountiful than if I just carelessly threw the seeds wherever. Research, hard work, dedication, and yes, blood, sweat, and tears will result in a bountiful harvest. And therein lies my joy.

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