Day 57

October 18th, 2014

CakeTravail, pain always occurs before a birth.” Bishop David G. Evans. No one enjoys going through a situation. Everyone enjoys the reward that waits on the other side of going through. I remember years ago I baked a cake and took it into the office. Everyone enjoyed the cake and one co-worker asked for the recipe. A few days after I gave her the recipe she came into the office and accused me of leaving something out of the recipe that resulted in the cake falling and causing her embarrassment. That was not the case at all. So I carefully went over each step in the recipe with her. When I got to the step that said to beat the cake by hand 100 times, she stopped me and said she used an electric mixer instead. She shaved time off of the preparation, but she didn’t get the desired result. Often we want to skip steps. We want to skip the pain. We don’t want to travail. Doing so will not give us the desired results. So, when going through I try to keep my eye on the Prize. I focus on the desired result. I remember that God’s got it all in control. And therein lies my Joy.

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