Day 46

October 9th, 2014

Smile“It takes the same amount of energy to smile as to frown.” ~ Author Unknown. Someone said joy is a choice. (Cyd Webster Beacham comes to mind.) So, if we have a choice, why wouldn’t we choose a smile over a frown? If for no other reason than because frowns cause wrinkles. Frowning is depressing. I feel so much better when I smile – even if I feel there’s no reason to smile. I’m not in denial. I know that there are times when it’s difficult to smile. I’ve witnessed people who have lost a loved one and I saw that the sparkle in their eyes was dulled and the brilliance in their smile diminished. I, then, experienced it first-hand when my mother passed away. I lost my smile. For the first time I experienced the loss of Joy. It took it’s time coming back. There is still a space in my heart that will never mend, but today because of the Joy of the Lord, I can smile. And therein lies my Joy.