Day 45

October 9th, 2014

Joy (2)“Don’t die with your music still inside. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul.” ~ Wayne Dyer. Another author wrote a book entitled, “Don’t Die in the Winter.” Rev. Dr. Millicent Hunter. Find the passion that fuels your soul and ask for a fill up. When my car runs out of gas, it stops running. The car’s engine may be in perfect condition and the tires are brand new. No matter the car’s condition, it will not run without gas. I am like that car. I may have all of the right words. I may have a best-seller book dwelling within me. But without the fuel to ignite my spirit, that book will stay right where it is. I cannot function without fuel. The Joy of the Lord is my fuel. That Joy ignites my passion. That passion ignites my mind and my fingers and causes my fingers to dance across my computer’s keyboard. What is your passion? Have you fueled your passion? Are you running on empty? Don’t allow your passion to die within you. Someone in this world is waiting for your passion to ignite and fuel them. I’ve been ignited. And therein lies my Joy.