Day 44

October 7th, 2014

Light of the WorldDay 44 – “The enemy tried to silence my voice.

I was tricked to believe that I had no choice

But to live in silence holding my feelings within

I thought my life was over; little did I know this was where it would begin.”

Excerpt of The Light written by Lorraine Castle.

When I accepted the challenge to spend 100 Days writing about the Joy of the Lord, I knew the enemy wouldn’t like it. I knew that “something” would happen in an attempt to distract me. For this reason, I hesitated to accept the challenge. This was not a dialogue that I had with any one in particular. This was a concern that I voiced to the Holy Spirit. You see, this challenge thing was not my idea. I read about the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge and the Holy Spirit clearly directed me to accept the challenge with a twist proclaiming 100 Days of the Joy of the Lord. On October 1st, I was and still am faced with something that could and may literally destroy me. My response is that I will continue to proclaim the Joy of the Lord. I believe my Lord and Savior. My Joy is not of this world. Therefore, nothing of this world can diminish it.

“When Jesus shown His Light on me,

He turned my world around.

He turned my dark nights into day;

Placed my feet on solid ground.”

Excerpt of The Light written by Lorraine Castle.

And therein lies my joy!