Day 20

September 21st, 2014

WritersToday my joy lies in my gift from the Ultimate Gift-Giver. God has given us so much to be thankful for, but what I love is that “special” gift that was developed just for you – that gift that fits you like a glove because it comes as natural as breathing. I tried to ignore my gift, but it wouldn’t go away. I am such a private person that sharing any part of my inner-self with anyone other than people I know intimately was distasteful. It scared me to the bone. But, my joy lies in my ability to write. My joy lies in writing from my heart and sharing that joy of writing with whoever takes the time to read it. I cannot imagine life without writing. I thank God that I found a way to press past the fear. Are you hiding your gift because of fear of exposure? Take that step. An excerpt from a poem that I wrote says, “Take that first step now….And if you falter…Take that first step again…And again.” The first step is often the most difficult step, but it’s also the most rewarding step. And therein lies my joy.