Day 14

September 9th, 2014

Patience Word Art (2)Today I think about how far the Lord has brought me. Today I am thankful for His patience. When I wasn’t thinking of Him, He was thinking of me. That in itself is a blessing. Not unlike many others, when I was younger, I gave little thought to how God wanted me to live my life. I was in a danger zone where I thought I was living my life the way it should be lived. In hindsight I think that being a “good girl” is more dangerous than being a “bad girl.” When someone is bad, they generally know they are bad. But, when you’re living your life according to what the “world” dictates, you’re out of the will of God and you may not even realize it. Today I am thankful because the Lord “waited” until my eyes were opened. I still stray. I’m not perfect. None of us is perfect. But, I am in the Process. I am being Refined. I am being Molded. Today, I am thankful for God’s patience and therein lies my joy.