Day 7

September 5th, 2014

Trust in the Lord“Never Borrow Sorrow From Tomorrow” – This is title of a poem written by one of my favorite poets, Helen Steiner Rice. An excerpt from the poem is, “Deal only with the present, never step into tomorrow, for God asks us just to trust Him and to never borrow sorrow.” Today my joy is that I’ve learned to trust God. It’s a daily walk. It does not occur overnight. There is so much in this world that is beyond my control, beyond our control. I’ve taken my eyes away from what I can see. I’m aware that events appear to be whirling around me at warp speed. What keeps me from losing it, is trusting and knowing that God has it all in control. The poem’s last stanza is, “Asking nothing of tomorrow except ‘Thy will be done.’” Today my joy is that I will always trust in the Lord.