Day 4

September 3rd, 2014

WisdomToday, among other things, I am thankful for wisdom. When I dedicated my life to the Lord, part of my daily prayer asked God for wisdom. I wanted to have the insight and discernment to make decisions that would build me up and touch the lives of others in a positive manner. I didn’t know it then, but I now understand that wisdom is gained through experience. True wisdom is gained while going through situations that, at the time you’re going through, may appear to be negative. Today I’m thankful for staying focused on God while I went through. It was not and is not easy. Keeping my eye on God at all times strengthens me while I’m going through. Wisdom is the overflow. Again, I am not there, yet. But, I am closer today than I was yesterday. Today I thank God for His Wisdom and for my continuing growth in the area of wisdom.