Valentine’s Day Non-Celebration

February 12th, 2014

Happy_Birthday1February 14th is quickly approaching. Couples and non-couples celebrate. Anticipation of the up-coming festivities, exchanging valentines and anything that is heart-shaped, candlelight dinners, romantic settings, and at times, stress and frustration for someone who believes they must have a significant other in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

While I certainly acknowledge the day, as a rule, I do not “celebrate” Valentine’s Day. Some of you will assume that I do not celebrate because I do not have a significant other. Others may assume that I’m bitter because of past relationships that are now DOA.  The truth of the matter is that (with the exception of when I was married – which is a lifetime ago) I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day.

How could that be, you may ask yourself. Well, to be honest, I did “celebrate” in elementary school when we exchanged valentines in school and the teacher made sure that no one was left out. But, that was the extent of the celebration.

Growing up, our family celebrated two days that were so important to us that they over-shadowed Valentine’s Day. My brother’s birthday is February 13. My father’s birthday was February 14. Mom made a point of having two separate celebrations. As a child, it was complete ecstasy to have cake, ice cream, candles, and gifts two days in a row! Of course, it wasn’t my birthday celebration, but just thinking about those special days give me a warm glow and make me feel good inside.

On the 14th, Dad will celebrate his birthday in Heaven. He would have been 90. My brother will celebrate a milestone on his birthday. The celebration is bittersweet, but in my heart, these special birthday celebrations still outshine Valentine’s Day. I guess I could celebrate both birthdays as well as Valentine’s Day, but I prefer being special as I celebrate the special people in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones.

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