New Beginnings

January 30th, 2014

BeginningsA new year is often looked at as an opportunity to look at our lives and make adjustments that will draw us closer to our goals – this is assuming that we even have a goal. In the area of writing, my goal is to take the steps that will draw me closer to that ever-elusive published book. One of the reasons that my book has not been completed is because it is literally last on my list of things to do. I would venture to guess that I am not alone and that some of you are placing other activities ahead of your goal.

In my instance, I am a helper by nature. I want to help others reach their goals. I experience so much joy when I’m able to assist a client with their book, blog, newsletter, and any other administrative activities that will bring them closer to their goals.

My personal goal of writing was always left until the end of the day. It sounded like a good idea. My day generally ends on a quiet, peaceful note. The household is quiet and I’m relaxed. The problem is that I’m a little too relaxed and a good night’s sleep begins beckoning to me as soon as things quiet down. After a few well-placed yawns, I give in to fatigue, leaving my thoughts in my head and not on paper. By the morning, those thoughts have evaporated into thin air.

I have now vowed to spend the first hour of each new day writing. I’m not a morning person. I expect my love of writing to override the early-morning doldrums. Caffeine will certainly help. Fortunately, one cup of coffee does wonders for me.

I’m learning that addressing my personal desires will allow me to help my clients on a larger scale. It’s very basic, but many of us do not acknowledge the need to take the beam out of our eye so that we can remove the speck from someone else’s eye (Matthew 7:5).

What steps are you taking to address your needs thus enabling you to help another? Do you need help removing the beam from your eye? I can help you.

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Written by Lorraine Castle ©2014