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November 13th, 2013

Dreamer1I cannot believe that we’re now in the last quarter of the year 2013! Like many of you, I started my year with a list of goals. I call them goals, but a better description would be that I identified my dreams and mapped out a plan to reach those dreams.

As a child, I listened to a radio disc jockey who often said, “Nothing comes from sleeping but a dream.” There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. I would venture to say that many of our successes began as mere dreams. But, a dream must be worked so that it can become a reality. We cannot sleep through our dreams. At some point, we must awaken and work our dream into reality.

Writing down our goals/dreams and thinking through the steps required to reach those goals is the first step to turn a dream into reality. Writing it down will often transition your goal from a pipedream into a clear possibility. Once the goals are written down, you can use a calendar to build a timeline.

After writing down your goals and establishing a timeline, it’s important to hold yourself accountable to the timeline. Time is not infinite, and as the old adage goes, time waits for no one. Dreams are meant to be realized. If the dream was given to you, then it is up to you to turn that dream/goal into reality.

That brings me back to my opening statement. Less than 25% of the year remains. Are you on track for turning your dream into a reality? It’s not too late to realize your dream. It can be done. Have you mapped out and created a timeline? I realize that life has a habit of interrupting our dreams. I know I’ve had my share of interruptions, but I’ve always come back to the dream because that dream/goal is a part of who I am.

Have you come back to your dream? Or is life still dictating the existence of your dream? At some point, you must take control of your destiny and the time is now. Recently I wrote an article about realizing your passion – which is another term that can be used for your dream or your goal. Passion fuels our soul and when that passion is not fulfilled, it leaves a void in our soul.

Are you fulfilling your passion? Are you stepping into your destiny? Is writing a book part of your destiny? Have you written the words, but you’re not sure of your next steps? Have you published your book, but you’re struggling with marketing?

I would love to hear from you. I love talking with other writers and helping them to reach their goals/dreams/passion. Feel free to reach out if theStrings_Microsoftre’s anything I can do to assist. Even if you would just like to “talk”, I would love to hear from you. No strings attached!

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