The Power of a Team

August 9th, 2013

Wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right placeMany virtual assistants and anyone who has his or her own business working from home often work in isolation. This is your business, your baby. You make the rules and you’re loving it. You are your own boss and you’ve living your dream. I’m living my dream, as well, but there are times when I would love to just bounce an idea off someone else. Sometimes just verbalizing the situation will result in a light bulb experience that solves the problem in an instant.

That is the beauty of working within a team. As a solopreneur, it’s important to maintain communication with the “outside” world. Otherwise, you risk the danger of tunnel vision when all interaction with your clients is based on your perspective. Having a team to support your ideas allows you to gain perspective from other individuals who are supportive of you and want you to succeed, but at the same time, they will let you know if your idea is way off course.

While it’s nice to draw family and friends into your business circle and bounce ideas off them, our family and friends love us (for the most part), so their main concern is that they don’t want to hurt our feelings. Their advice and suggestions may not be objective. Finding a good team will connect you with individuals who will be objective in their suggestions to improve your business.

I belong to a wonderful Mastermind Team of virtual assistants. We all have our individual businesses. We serve many different industries. The common thread is that we are all virtual assistants. Because of this team, I’m able to stay on the edge of technology. We share ideas and we support each other.

My team is a closed team. Our team members have all gone through Expert VA Training with Kathy Goughenour. Be sure to check out Kathy’s site if you’re interested in training to become a virtual assistant. Some Virtual Assistant Teams that are open are and There are more teams that can be searched on the Internet. The importance is to find a team that works for you.

There is power in teamwork. Becoming a member of a team will help avoid the feeling of isolation that a solopreneur sometimes experiences. What are your thoughts on becoming a part of a team? Do you consider becoming part of a team a pro or a con?

Lorraine Castle is a virtual assistant who works with authors, coaches, trainers, attorneys, and speakers to get speaking engagements, write their books, publish their books, and market their books. Contact Lorraine for a free consultation to find out what she can do to help you develop your gift.

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Written by Lorraine Castle ©2013