Where Is Your Book?

May 19th, 2013

Authors_iStock_000014081575SmallYou know it’s in you. You’ve known for quite some time. Some of you have even shared this revelation with those who are closest to you – your dear friend – your significant other. You’ve confessed as much to your inner self. There is a book within you.

You have a story to tell. You have information to share. You know that this story or information can and will change lives. You’ve fallen into the bottomless pit of procrastination. You’ve made every imaginable excuse for why you have not written your book. You don’t have the time or energy. You don’t have the skills. You don’t have anything new to say. But the realization that there is a book within you continues to nag at your very soul.

I’m here to tell you that it’s time to release your book! It’s time to enlighten the world with all that has been bottled up within you. It’s time to release that prisoner that you’ve kept under wraps. It’s time to organize the words that will become the foundation of your book.

The time for excuses has passed. The time for your book is now. If you’re saying, “There is no way,” then I say to you, “It’s time to make a way.” We make a way for the necessities of life. Birthing your book is a necessity of now. Make the time. Take the time. Your reward will be the satisfaction of releasing the untold story within you.

It may be a self-help book – a novel – fiction or non-fiction. Whatever it is, someone somewhere is waiting to hear (read) what you have to say. Don’t disappoint them. Their wait is long overdue. So, I ask you again, where is your book?

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Written by Lorraine Castle ©2013 www.castlevirtualsolutions.com