Feeling Uninspired

January 22nd, 2013

RainyDay_Depositphotos_10501314_m (2)It’s cloudy, damp, cold, and raining. I do my best work on bright sun-shiny days. But, it’s been dreary all week and I have a writing deadline! What can I do when what normally inspires me is not an option? I enjoy walking. It clears the mind when I’m able to enjoy a bit of nature. However, I don’t enjoy getting wet. Yes, I am sugar and I will melt in the rain.

Listening to soft music normally works for me. I find it soothing and relaxing. But my favorite CD, The Minstrel, by Ben Tankard isn’t working for me today. Sorry, Ben. I need a “take me away” moment – something to warm my spirit. Hot tea comes to mind, but hot chocolate sounds more inviting – in a devilish sort of way. Please consider this my interlude as I take myself away from this dark, damp, and dreary venue to the land of inspiration via a nice, hot cup of chocolate made with a splash of milk and a hint of raspberry flavoring.

Did that ever hit the spot! I’m feeling exhilarated and ready to spend the remainder of my afternoon writing what I pray will inspire others. My fingers are literally dancing across the keyboards as I try to capture my thoughts and place them in my computer before they vaporize into thin air never again to be captured. Words are fleeting like that.

As a writer I know I require a relatively peaceful atmosphere in order to connect with my inner self. Some days are more challenging than others. The world is full of distractions and I’m easily distracted. The bigger challenge is to recognize that distractions exist and then come up with methods to resist the distraction. Today it was allowing me a bit of whimsy with a cup of hot chocolate. That 15-minute interlude resulted in hours of productive writing.

What techniques have you developed to re-energize your writing? I’d love to hear about them.

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