December 5th, 2012

Moving FowardHave you ever had a situation where you believed that you handled everything properly, only to have the entire situation fizzle out right in front of your eyes? Suddenly, what was flaming hot had fizzled into an intermittent spark.

I was recently faced with a situation where everything appeared to be going perfectly. Plans were made and those plans were carried out. In the middle of the process, there was a miscommunication or a missed communication – take your pick. I was riding high and my balloon began to lose air in the middle of the flight.

I began to sink. The more I thought about the could of’s and should of’s, the further I began to sink. I reran the script in my head over and over. If only… Should I have… Maybe I could have… The list went on and on until my psyche screamed, “Wait! Which word is going to change what has already passed? Do you have that kind of power?”

Of course, the answer is, “No.” I then remembered a campaign slogan. You know the one – Forward. What’s done is done. As my pastor often says, “You can’t unscramble scrambled eggs.”

So, I move forward. I turn the past into my classroom and I learn from my experiences. One thing I do know is that you cannot look back if you’re moving forward. So I have determined to use my experiences as a springboard to future successes. I am moving forward. Are you?

Lorraine Castle is a virtual assistant who works with authors, coaches, trainers, and speakers to get speaking engagements, write their books, publish their books, and market their books. Contact Lorraine to find out what she can do to help you develop your gift.

Written by Lorraine Castle ©2012