November 4th, 2012

Matthew 5:45 – KJV – “…for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

This is the verse that brought me comfort. This is the verse that helped me to feel settled and at peace while I watched and listened to all of the reports of my fellow East Coasters who continue to suffer the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I am no better than those who found themselves in the destructive path of Sandy. Yet, my only “discomfort” was six or seven hours without power.

Yes, I praised God for watching over me and keeping His hedge of protection around me in the midst of the storm. Yes, I will continue to praise Him and thank Him for unseen dangers because I know how different the situation could have been. Seven weeks ago I moved. The high-rise I moved from was without power for more than 3 days with no electricity and no running water.

Yes, I am blessed. But, so are so many others who continue to suffer the effects of Sandy. Am I better than they? Of course not! Yet, I have heat and electricity and many others continue to do without. I have a roof over my head. Many others do not.

I continue to praise God for all that He has done in my life! My praise is mixed with tears for my fellow East Coasters whose lives have been tossed and up heaved by Sandy. I don’t know their fear, devastation, or frustration. In the midst of it all, I will continue to praise God and I will continue to pray for those whose lives will never be the same because of Sandy, and I will continue to allow Matthew 5:45 to comfort me.

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Written by Lorraine Castle ©2012