Pieces of Her Dream

October 28th, 2012

The contents of pieces of her dreams were laid out before me. It represented countless hours of tears, heartbreak, joy, celebration, and victory. All of this was entrusted to my care. I didn’t take this gesture lightly. I knew what it represented because I’ve been there. As a writer, I know the pain that can go into writing. I know the pain of digging up memories that were carefully nestled in the past and covered with layers of protective gear.

My client placed all of this into my hands to retype (Yes. Her dreams were on individual pieces of paper), edit, and transform into an accepted manuscript format. As I prepared her manuscript, I cried as I shared her pain and I took praise breaks as I celebrated her victories.

My client’s dreams are no longer pieces of paper. Her dreams have been transformed into a formatted manuscript. It was my labor of love. Are you a writer whose manuscript is in varying stages of completion? Do you need help setting up your blog page or your Facebook page? I can help you get to the point of a completely formatted manuscript. Contact me for more information.

Lorraine Castle is a virtual assistant who works with authors, coaches, trainers, and speakers to get speaking engagements, write their books, publish their books, and market their books. Contact Lorraine to find out what she can do to help you develop your gift.

Written by Lorraine Castle ©2012 www.castlevirtualsolutions.com