How Photos Can Increase Your Facebook and Website Traffic

September 18th, 2012

Are you trying to drive more traffic to your Facebook Page and ultimately to your website? This week we will discuss several strategies that can easily be put into practice to accomplish that goal.

According to, research indicates that photos drive more traffic as opposed to written material on Facebook. Therefore, when posting on Facebook – whether it’s a blog post or a general comment, attaching a photo to your post will drive more traffic to your page. In fact, research has determined that photos drive 20 times more traffic than a lone comment, status update, or blog.

Creating a Photo Album is another way to drive interest to your Facebook Page. You may have noticed the albums that appear in a cluster similar to the one I’ve shown below.


I was able to create this album with minimal effort. Based on statistics, it will draw more traffic to my Facebook Page and ultimately to my website. If you’d like help finding photos and creating a photo album, I can help. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation to find out more about how I can help you achieve your goals as an author, coach, trainer, or speaker.

Look for more Facebook Tips and Tidbits from me in upcoming weeks. And remember, Your Success Is My Goal!!

Written by Lorraine Castle ©2012