What’s Your Platform?

June 29th, 2012

I’m probably dating myself when I say that I remember when the most-asked question at a social gathering would be, “What’s your sign?”  Asking that question provided a wonderful starting point for a conversation. After all, everyone had a zodiac sign and most people knew that sign. The conversation could travel in any direction once the sign was established.

Just as every individual has a zodiac sign (whether they believe in zodiac signs or not), every writer should have a platform. Just as the word suggests, a platform is the foundation that supports a person’s position or perspective. A platform not only suggests your destination, your platform dictates the path that you choose to reach your destination or goal.

Since your platform is your foundation, it makes sense that in the writing arena, establishing your platform should occur before publishing your book. That may sound like the exact opposite of what many writers do today. Many writers write the book, publish the book, and then begin establishing an audience for the book. Writer’s Digest magazine suggests that one should “build a platform, and then leverage that platform to pitch, sell, and write the book.”  Some of the tips offered by Writer’s Digest are as follows:

  • Offer tips and articles using a blog, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.
  • Read your work publicly as often as possible
  • Offer coaching or consulting in your field

If all of the above sounds somewhat overwhelming, you can also contact me for a free 20-minute consultation for assistance in establishing your platform.

Written by Lorraine Castle ©2012 www.castlevirtualsolutions.com