Staying in the Game With Online Training

June 20th, 2012

So, you’ve decided to start your own business. You’ve finally taken that first giant (or baby) step to follow your passion. You’re prepared for the long hours. You’ve equipped yourself with all of the tools of the trade. You’ve become an expert in your passion. You are ready. Or…are you? Are you ready for technology that changes on a daily basis?

I worked in Corporate America for 40 years. As part of large corporations, there were departments – or at least individuals – who were responsible for staying on the edge of technology. It was their job to review and test new technology and determine whether or not the newest bell or whistle was cost effective. This same team would learn the new technology and then train the users – oftentimes also providing a training manual.

As an entrepreneur, it’s possible that the task now falls into your lap to stay on the leading edge of technology. Many software companies will provide training, but that training often occurs after you’ve purchased the software. Another alternative to learning how to use software programs is is a website that has an online training library of over 75,000 tutorials. The topics cover areas such as business, design, home computing, and photography. Additional topics are Facebook and Twitter. has a tutorial that describes all of its benefits. This tutorial can be viewed before purchasing a subscription.

With, I can provide customized service to my clients using state-of-the-art techniques learned at The reasonable cost is money well spent because the trade-off is the ability to stay on top of technology.

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Written by Lorraine M. Castle ©2012