Writing From the Heart

March 28th, 2012

“When you write from the heart, you not only light the dark path of your readers, you light your own way as well.” ~ Marjorie Holmes

It’s nearly impossible for a writer to express themselves without leaving a part of his and/or her heart on the page. Could this also be the reason why so many writers are reluctant to share what they’ve written with others?

In my case, as with many other writers, writing is personal. I literally open my heart and allow what is within to flow forth onto a blank page. It’s not a natural reaction. My psyche wants to stay well hidden. My soul is in a safe place and it doesn’t want to reveal its hiding place. I fill my day with senseless time-consuming activities to blot out the desire to write.

But, once again my never-ending desire to write overrides my fear of revealing my innermost thoughts. When writing begins, my heart opens and the words tumble out so quickly that they sometimes trip and stumble in their haste to find their way to a no longer blank page.

Writing from the heart is invigorating and energizing. A spirit that was once tired and feeling defeating is suddenly rejuvenated, victorious, and feeling as if all things are possible. When a writer writes from the heart, fear is removed and the desire to create is released.  A prisoner no more, words burst from my heart and illuminate my world. What I find illuminating will illuminate another. It’s a cycle that has no clear beginning and absolutely no ending.

Written by Lorraine Castle ©2012

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