Your and You’re

March 23rd, 2012

Am I the only one who has noticed that your has become a replacement for you’re? I started noticing it in Facebook posts. Now that we’re able to view blog posts, tweets, and on-line communities are popping up across the Internet, I’m seeing your as a shortened version of you’re more often than ever.

Is this being done deliberately? Or is it being done out of pure ignorance? I prefer to believe the former. But, what concerns me most is that many will begin to think that using your instead of you’re is proper because it’s used so often in cyber space. The user is only saving two keystrokes. So, for the sake of excellence, let’s talk about how your and you’re should be used.

Your is considered a possessive form of you. It shows possession as in the example, “Your coat is red”. The use of your indicates that the red coat belongs to you.  

You’re is a contraction or shortened version of you are. For example, “You’re my guest” or “You are my guest”.

I’m not preaching to the choir. The use of your or you’re can be considered personal preference. My concern is that so much communication occurs via the Internet and that many perceptions are formed based on what the reader reads on the Internet. When I thank someone for something, I want their response to be “You’re welcome” and not Your welcome”. What are your thoughts?

Written by Lorraine Castle 2012©

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